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What is a VI Package Configuration (.vipc) file?

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A VI Package Configuration (.vipc) file is used by VI Package Manager Professional to store information about which packages are being used by your LabVIEW project. It knows which LabVIEW version your project is using and which VI Packages are installed on that LabVIEW version. You can edit a VI Package Configuration using the Package Configuration Editor window of VIPM Professional.


With VI Package Configurations you can do the following:

  • save and recall snapshots of the packages installed on your LabVIEW development system

  • share packages with other developers

  • easily move packages between computers, since the packages themselves are stored inside of VI Package Configuration files

  • scan your LabVIEW projects to discover which packages are used by your project and create a VI Package Configuration file from the scan results

  • view and edit your VI Package Configurations

  • manage dependencies of your VI Package Configurations

  • control package upgrades to your VI Package Configurations

With VI Package Configurations, you'll always know which versions of packages you are using for a given LabVIEW project and that the LabVIEW development environments of every developer and test system are identically configured. And, since each LabVIEW project has its own configuration, you can control which packages and versions are used on the project and when upgrades to those packages are made. It is truly a powerful tool for managing software reuse on your LabVIEW projects.

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