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Timed out trying to connect to Labview

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Let me start of by saying I love VIPM and all the free packages you provide to the Labview community. Thank you!


I just did a fresh install of VIPM Community Edition (build 0665) on a new computer. When I went to install packages, I received a timeout error stating VIPM could not connect to Labview. After that I went to the Edit Port dialog box and tested the connection, which I had not done previously. Following that I was able to install packages correctly.


The option to automatically adjust Labview settings was checked when I ran the port Test so this probably is not a bug. I assume there are default Labview options that need to be changed for VIPM to connect. However, it did take me several minutes of head scratching before I resolved the problem since the port setting was correct. It might be beneficial to direct users to the port test function when that error occurs.


My only other request is to provide a little more details in the description of the various packages, including the date it was released and whether it has been depreciated in favor of other packages from JKI or NI.


Thanks again!

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Hi Daklu,


Thanks for the feedback. We're happy to hear you like VIPM and OpenG :)


Regarding the port test and error dialog, I agree that this is an area where VIPM could be greatly improved. There are a few things that we're looking into:


1) Auto-discovering LabVIEW versions, so that you don't have to browse to the EXE location on disk

2) Recommend that the connection to LabVIEW has been adjusted/tested before the user proceeds, when adding a new LabVIEW version.

3) Have a better error dialog that includes a description of how to correct the problem (as you have suggested)


Regarding adding additional package information, such as release date and production status (alpha, beta, deprecated, etc.), that's an excellent idea and we're looking into it for a future release.


Thanks again for the feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us how we can improve VIPM.





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