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Can EASYXML Handle this?

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I've been playing around with EasyXML for a bit now and I'm very pleased with it's capabilites. Hats off to Jim and the rest of the development team.


I'm have a hard time coming up with the correct labview structure to use to import one subset of my xml file. It may be that this isn't supported at this time but I figured I'd toss it out there and see if anyone has an idea. I can get the attributes just fine, it's the table I'm having a hard time with:



0 0.0256 785.8462 1602 4.5824e-006

1 0.5616 785.8520 4507 1.1961e-005

2 1.0991 785.8538 7383 1.4213e-005

3 1.6372 785.8562 10286 1.7320e-005

4 2.1749 785.8573 12362 1.8718e-005

5 2.7129 785.8597 11606 2.1747e-005

6 3.2508 785.8610 11190 2.3455e-005

7 3.7881 785.8628 10780 2.5708e-005

8 4.3264 785.8646 10321 2.8038e-005

9 4.8645 785.8660 10019 2.9746e-005

10 5.4016 785.8665 9435 3.0367e-005

11 5.9391 785.8671 9009 3.1144e-005

12 6.4767 785.8679 8749 3.2154e-005

13 7.0144 785.8674 9219 3.1532e-005

14 7.5519 785.8669 9955 3.0911e-005

15 8.0891 785.8665 10483 3.0445e-005



I'll admit I'm new to xml so if this is obvious I apologize up front.






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Hi Keith,


We're happy to hear that you like EasyXML :)


Regarding your question, you will need to parse the LOCK_MASS element as a scalar string and then use LabVIEW's "Spreadsheet String to Array" function to convert the string into a 2D array of numeric data. Here's an example (below).


This might not be exactly what you were hoping for, but the designers of the LOCK_MASS xml schema chose to use a spreadsheet string instead of xml elements to represent the LOCK_MASS data. Trying to support spreadsheet strings as an EasyXML data type would be very tricky.






PS - Generating and parsing scalar elements with attributes are not as obvious as other xml structures. You might want to take a look at this tip: Generating and Parsing Scalar XML Elements with Attributes.


Example VI


Front Panel


Block Diagram


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Thanks for your quick response. Your solution looks great :) ; I figured there would be some extra parsing, I just couldn't figure out how to get the text string in by itself.


Once I finish up with my 5 and 3 year old's birthday party this afternoon I'll be buying a couple licenses of EasyXML (assuming my company PCard works with PayPal, if not it will have to wait until Monday).


Good work and thanks again!



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That's great news! I'm happy that the solution will work for you.


We're looking forward to having you as a customer.


Have fun at the birthday party :)



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