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Michael Aivaliotis

Basic Introduction to the JKI State Machine

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Click here to view the non-flash QuickTime version.

Note: If you want to download it, right-click the above link and select "Save Link (Target) As..."


This video tutorial introduces you to the basic concepts of the JKI State Machine.

In this tutorial we will help you do the following:

  • Install the JKI state machine in your LV development environment
  • Explain the different parts of the JKI state machine:
    • State execution
    • Modifying and editing states
    • Handling variables
    • State arguments
    • Error handling
    • Support Functions

Additional Videos:

Case Study: Refactoring the LabVIEW three button dialog

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Great tutorial video!


I'll have to give this new tool a try as soon as I get a chance.


Thanks (from the whole JKI Team)! We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts, after you've had a chance to take the JKI State Machine for a test drive and hopefully use it on a project or two.





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