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VI set to merge don't bring their FP decorations/free labels with them

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If I set a VI to be a merge VI using "Place VI Contents" (when I drop it onto the BD of another VI it's contents are pasted), decorations and free labels on the FP don't get pasted. It looks like ones on the DB are okay, but not the FP. I'm creating some templates for a reuse library, and I've write a few comments on the FP with arrows to elements, but they don't persist.

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Hi crelf,


This is a known issue and a LabVIEW bug. You should be able to affect the relative drop locations by changing the positions of the front panel items in the merge VI (relative to the FP origin and offset). I don't have this problem fully characterized. It did affect us (JKI) when we were laying out the FP items for the JKI State Machine. I think that we "fixed" it through some trial and error.


I'm not sure if an official LabVIEW bug has been reported, but we do have a JKI issue tracking number for it:

I'll file it with NI and post back info (and hopefully a CAR # from NI).





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Sure. Anything to help my favorite VIPM user.

Awww - now you're embarrassing me :)

PS - Did I mention that I use VIPM a lot and need this feature working? :huh:

Me too :) One of the great things about reuse is the ability to create templates - not being able to appropriate comment them makes it a real pain...

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