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Time stamp nested in an array not supported?

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I'm getting an error using "Easy Read XML File" when I place a LabView Time Stamp data type in an array. I was able to isolate a test case down to a modification of the EasyXML example "Write and Read XML File.vi".


If I place a labview Time Stamp control in the top level of the "Playlist to write" cluster, and a corresponding Time Stamp indicator in the top level of the "Playlist read" cluster, everything works fine.


However, if I place the same Time Stamp control in the "write" side's arrayed cluster of the example (next to the Title and Artist fields), and the corresponding Time Stamp indicator in the "read" side's arrayed cluster, I get the following long and cryptic error message:

Error 1 occurred at (Unexpected Datatype <Waveform>) Get Default Data from TD__ogtk.vi:2 in Get Default Data from TD__ogtk.vi:1->Get Array Element Default Data__ogtk.vi->A1B0180BBBFF194DA93C8AAAE683CDFA:2->A1B0180BBBFF194DA93C8AAAE683CDFA:1->Easy Parse XML__JKI EasyXML.vi->Easy Read XML File__JKI EasyXML.vi->Write and Read XML File.vi


Note that the write portion completes successfully, a properly formatted XML file is generated including the array with the time stamp element, but the error occurs during the read portion.


Can anyone verify what I'm doing and/or comment on the error?



Tim C

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